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Free Easter Coloring Pages to Print

Free easter coloring pages to print

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The other day I was looking for Easter coloring pages to print because sometimes a $4 pack of skinny Crayola markers and a page full of doodles is all you need to be happy! I love taking a few small moments during my day off to just clear my mind and give myself some time to rest and do something mindless.

Coloring is something I started doing again when my friend, who suffered from anxiety, came to live with me. When she was feeling overwhelmed we would sit on the couch, color together, and create something of beauty.

Free Easter Coloring Pages to Print (for Adults)

So, in an effort to help others have some fun and relax as well, I created my own beautiful coloring book. I tried really hard to find a Easter coloring pages to print so that I could share them with you, but they were all so… meh.

If you do not know me yet, you should know that I like to create things. While I was pondering what to do the other day, I made a free coloring book. It was so fun to create something and the pages turned out more beautiful than I imagined. Because we are friends you can download right here as well! 😊

Also, if you do not have a pack of the SKINNY Crayola markers, do yourself a favor and get some! I usually end up getting 2 packs because my daughter (who I affectionately call,  my “Tiny Human”) steals mine. 😳



Easter Coloring Pages to Print

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Easter Coloring Pages to Print

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