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These posts are designed to bring you into a close spiritual connection with God. Read my personal journey through learning to love deeply.

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The Power of Positive Thinking (Change Your Mind, Change Your Life)

By Brittany Thompson | Nov 30, 2018 |

The Power of Positive Thinking There they were again, those sneaky little thoughts. It’s amazing how those unkind (untrue) words had the power to alter not only my day but my entire life. Yet there I was again, feeding the negative little monster and letting myself wallow in shame and misery. My misery was brought…

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Beginners Guide to Praying The Lord’s Prayer

By Brittany Thompson | Nov 24, 2018 |

Why You Should Pray The Lord’s Prayer Daily Any time in scripture that the Lord tells us to do something, it is important. Wouldn’t you agree? What if God not only told you what to do but How to do it. This is where it becomes even more important to follow the instructions. God never…

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The Christian Leadership Teaching That Everyone Needs to Hear

By Brittany Thompson | Oct 30, 2018 |

With an abundance of social media in our world everyone is trying to promote themselves as christian leadership. We live in a time where we are constantly taking photos and videos, uploading them, and showing off our life, activities, and successes. We all want to serve God well. However, deep down, we all want to…

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Our Full Time RV Living Story (Part 3)

By Brittany Thompson | Sep 28, 2018 |

“Oh, cool!” is the phrase that many people utter when they hear about our journey of becoming a full time RV Living family. They ask about our travels and our plans and to them it’s a dream. And it is… super cool. I won’t tell you it’s been an easy transition though. There is a…

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Our Full Time RV Living Story (Part 2)

By Brittany Thompson | Sep 27, 2018 |

SO… in my last blog post I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger (sorry, not sorry 🤣) If you have not read part 1 of our full time rv living adventures, you can do that here! One of the best parts about this whole life changing process has been knowing we were…

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Our Full Time RV Living Story (Part 1)

By Brittany Thompson | Sep 26, 2018 |

Have you ever heard God tell you something that scares you more than just a little bit? Us too!!! Our Full Time RV Living story starts in early 2017, when the Lord told us to sell our beautiful house in eastern North Carolina and move. We weren’t sure where we were supposed to go, just…

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How I got out of over $25,000 in Credit Card Debt… in less than 2 years!

By Brittany Thompson | Oct 31, 2017 |
pay off debt

I am here to give you all an inside look at my journey of paying off over 25,000 in credit card debt… in LESS than 2 years. This blog is going to be a little different. I am not going to give as many specifics and tips as I normally do. This is a motivational talk today.

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