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It can be so easy to forget we are all in it together, you know? I know I frequently need that reminder. I have a squad... all of you, my fiercely beautiful and talented fellow ladies!

On this blog I talk all about the challenges healthy eating, building healthy mindsets, and growing spiritually.

I hope that you find this blog helpful and you have some amazing breakthroughs. Most of all I want you to just know, you are not alone. You have a squad of friends who are here for you to encourage and support you in those frustrating moments of weight loss and health journeys (yes, we all have them)...

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I know exactly how it feels to have a "few too many" pounds to lose and no hope. My story is a long one, but here is some of what I had faced over my weight loss journey. I had literally tried almost everything I could with little to no success and a rebound weight gain that would knock the wind out of me and made me FEAR the scale.

Seriously I have tried...

  • Pills
  • Shakes
  • Weight Watchers
  • Juice cleanse for 60 days with no food
  • HCG diet eating 500 calories a day
  • Even weight loss surgery

Nothing had worked for me. Then I met my friend Laura. She is an RN and a former "curvy" girl like me. (you can see her story below! She dropped a whopping 86 pounds in 8 months. 😱

Laura introduced me to a program called Optavia. I had never been on anything like it before. It was EASY... I almost effortlessly dropped 10 lbs my first month. Since then I decided this was something I wanted to share with everyone.

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